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   Touristic Resort Wolf has completed its image bz opening a new hotel, Wolf 2**** Hotel.
   The hotel, finished on the 16th of april 2009, after one year of hard work, though its build on ground of 6000sm and its structured on 5 levels, the hotel represents an ideal destination both for weekends and for important business meetings bz combining modern and classic style and luxury with refinement.
   Wolf 2 Hotel is the first hotel of a row which will extend to Arad, Cluj, Bucure?ti, Timi?oara.
   The project starded in april 2008 with the foundation and by the end of october 2008 the structure and exterior were ready.
   Afterwards until april 2009 interior details and annexes were finished so that the hotel could be inaugurated on the 24th of May 2009.
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